Most Seg-Die dies are comprised of 4 to 7 interchangeable die parts. Often times, dies can be refurbished by regrinding or replacing only a few die parts, increasing the overall die life by 200% to 300%. Seg-Die offers complete rebuilding services of die assemblies, providing you with the maximum output of your tooling.

Turnkey Maintenance Programs

    By establishing a customer maintenance agreement with Seg-Die, you can arrange a rotation schedule to avoid costly down time. Seg-Die stocks the rebuilt die, ready for maintenance rotation or emergency replacement. You hold only the dies in use, reducing the cost of holding tooling in inventory and assuring that a spare is only a phone call away.

Custom Design

    Applying years of experience, and with hundreds of our dies currently in service, Seg-Die can aid in the engineering of your dies, improving cycle life and serviceability. Utilizing computerized design and engineering equipment, practical and cost effective designs of unique shapes and sizes can be proven, and data files stored for replacement orders. While in fact, you the customer are the expert in the segment shape, we can be your partner in die performance.

Shelf Stock Segment Dies

    The cornerstone of the Seg-Die system is our unique die block stocking practice. We keep blocks inventoried, ready for segment cavity matching, greatly reducing the lead time from order to shipment. Because the die blocks are batch machined, die costs are substantially reduced.

Price to Performance Ratio

    Seg-Die's only product is diamond segment forming dies. This allows us to devote time experimenting with the most durable alloys and surface treatments, creating a longer lasting die with cost to production ratios suitable for use with long run or experimental segment forming. We utilize production flexibility that would be impossible for O.E.M.'s to duplicate.

Central Distribution

    Our production facility is located in North East Ohio, within 2 days ground service or overnight UPS and FedEx shipment available worldwide. Overseas O.E.M. companies are faced with customs complications, tariffs, and expensive shipping procedures. We manufacture in the U.S. to service the continental U.S. and abroad.