Our standard die sizes are designed for use with Dr. Fritsch and Robosintris cold presses.

Our Commitment

    Our mission is to provide diamond saw blade manufacturers with cost effective, high quality tooling; to utilize the most advanced technology and manufacturing techniques available in the manufacturing of tools and dies needed to produce the diamond segments used on sawing and boring tools; to apply the results of the research and developments of modern materials and innovative designs that enhance the productivity and profitability of the industry.


    We have devoted our entire group to producing dies for the diamond saw blade industry. We don't make presses, sintering ovens, or fusing equipment. However, we do have an intricate understanding of the presses that use our dies and the procedures required to manufacture finished diamond segmented saw blades. Our expertise lies in the production of the industry's finest die.


    We shelf stock thousands of diamond segment forming die parts for virtually all models of cold presses. These die blocks and punch sets are completely hardened and ground. The die parts await customer order for segment size, die configuration and press specification. The dies are then assembled and promptly shipped.