Our mission is to provide diamond saw blade manufacturers with cost effective, high quality tooling; to utilize the most advanced technology and manufacturing techniques available in the manufacturing of tools and dies needed to produce the diamond segments used on sawing and boring tools; to apply the results of the research and developments of modern materials and innovative designs that enhance the productivity and profitability of the industry.

Customer Survey Results
Response to a recent customer survey brought "good" to "excellent" ratings for quality, price, service and delivery. Some of the customers that shared these high performance ratings were:

    Dimas Industries, Mr. Roger Thorne
    Cold Spring Granite, Mr. Doug Holan
    Blazer Diamond, Mr. Phil Kochasic
    W.F. Meyers Co., Mr. Larry Lee
    Dixie Diamond, Mr. Maik Holland

In addition, we received the following comments:

    "Without a doubt Seg-Die is one of our most reliable suppliers. Bob Dutko has proven time and again to be a source for technical assistance as well as fulfilling our orders on a timely basis and with consistent quality. I can easily recommend Seg-Die as a partner in this industry."
    -Maik Holland, Dixie Diamond Mfg.

    "Dealing with someone in the U.S. on these parts is very convenient. Service and turnaround are excellent. Seg-Die is a valuable tool to use."
    -Phil Kochasic, Blazer Diamond